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JEZERA (Island Murter)

About Jezera
Jezera, the town of seafarers, fishermen and divers is located on the southeast side of the island of Murter. Jezera is secluded into a horseshoe shaped bay that is surrounded by gentle hills. Due to its natural position, the town is not exposed to strong winds and its cove is an ideal port for ships. The town has 960 inhabitants. There are two local beaches and a promenade at the entrance to the bay (port).
History of Jezera
The first written data about Jezera date back to the year 1298. But, the town is much older. We can find traces of an Illyrian settlement from the 11th century BC on the peninsula Murtarić near the present-day town.  Not far from the town, in the bay of Podjasenovac, two graves of the Illyrian tribe Liburna were found in a barrow in the year 1938. There are many similar barrows in the vicinity of the town. There is one large barrow that stands out and looks like a truncated cone and one climbs to its top by following a spiral path ...
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